Financial Document Request List - Business Entities

This extraordinarily comprehensive 5-page PDF checklist lists 39 financial and business documents you require, all in tabular format with additional columns for Date Received, Partial Receipt, and Not Produced. It covers everything from Federal and State income tax returns to accounting schedules, employment agreements, leases – even the company organization chart and management biographies! A convenient Notes section lets you add important ancillary information.

AACFL - Providing the Financial Knowledge Your Divorce Practice Requires

The mission of the American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators is to provide advanced financial education designed exclusively for attorneys. Successfully completing the 14-part CFL course earns you the prestigious Certified Financial Litigator accreditation, assuring your clients and potential clients that you have the financial expertise to skillfully handle the most complicated divorces.

The AACFL’s extensive free resources, such as this Business Entities Financial Document Tracking Chart, make your legal life easier. Download it for free and make copies to give to each client and the attorney representing his or her spouse, or include it in your Request for Production of Documents. Also don’t forget to download the companion Individual Financial Document Tracking Chart HERE.