Earn your CFL Credential and Never Struggle Again with the financial aspects of your case

As a Divorce attorney with CFL Credentials you will:
  • Distinguish yourself from other Divorce attorneys with an advanced credential
  • Increase your earning potential by attracting more high net-worth clients
  • Handle depositions and cross-examinations on financial matters with ease
  • Improve your skills in the financial areas of litigation
  • Have the ability to consult with our financial professionals at no additional cost

The American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators provides its members with the tools and advanced financial training needed to perform at the highest level. The Certified Financial Litigator (CFL) designation is the only one of its kind, demonstrating proficiency in financial matters. 

Membership in the AACFL is reserved for an elite group of practitioners dedicated to meeting the highest standards of financial representation and of ethical practice.